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Welcome to my Webpage!

I am Maik Wiedenbach (You probably figured that out already) and I am known as the guy who cuts through the fog of the fitness industry… No Hype, No B.S., No 4 minute abs… Just results! My team and I are available for one-on-one Personal Training sessions in NYC.

My goal is educate as many people as possible (Did I mention that I am also a professor at NYU and the Author of 101 Fitness Myths?) about losing fat, gaining muscle and feeling great…. In short, helping you to look & feel the best that you can! Currently I am doing so via my eBooks, Websites, Newsletters, and this blog and as well as in one-on-one sessions.

Nothing works without a mission statement so here is mine:

I am at war with the fitness industry because it is misleading you! The industry is forcing you into routines that will hurt you, feed you supplements that will most definitely hurt your wallet and maybe your body – but are certainly useless. But worst of all, it is creating a dependency on their products, magazines, supplements, etc., that are completely artificial and unnecessary.

The truth is that anyone, absolutely anyone can be in great shape! And no, there is no need to train 4 hours a day or to only eat salads either.

Why should you listen to me?

As for qualifications, I am a two time drug free Muscle-mania Champion, World Cup Swimmer for Germany, Hall of Fame Inductee at Fordham University, published Fitness Model and author as well as an adjunct professor at NYU teaching exercise science. In other words, I have been there done that both as an athlete and an academic. … (OK, insert cool hand motion here).

But you have only arrived if you can teach to others what you know yourself and I have helped 1,000′s of people in 63 countries to get into the shape they desire/deserve, be it via one-on-one, Online coaching or though my eBooks and Newsletters. I combine my experience as a pro athlete with my academic background, thereby creating the perfect routine for you. But more importantly: I listen and I care.

What happens in the fitness world all too often is that training systems turn into dogmas and gospels and the human element gets forgotten. There is no one size fits all program, otherwise a robot could do my job! Training and diet need constant monitoring and tweaking to get in sync with your physical and emotional needs.
This is about YOU, not me. I am here to make your vision a reality. I am looking forward to be your coach!

How to contact me:
Or call me directly: (646) 732-7052
But please leave a message as I may be training someone.

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