Maik Wiedenbach NYC personal trainer shows you how to get the body you deserve…

Sick of dealing with so called fitness sites that give you nothing but fluff & pretty photos of supposed ‘pros’ with zero actionable content? 

So was I… That’s why I created this Website! I’ll get you in the best shape of your life! Want bigger arms? I’ll show you how! Better chest & abs? Done! Better Legs? I’ll guide you step-by-step. No matter the problem area or questions, they’ll be addressed here on my site delivered to you by one of the best Personal Trainer in NYC! But do not take my word for it: here is the official survey! Best trainer in NYC

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Why? Because I’m at war with the Fitness & Personal Training industries! They offer nothing more than false information and try to force you into routines that will give you NO results or worse hurt you! Backed by supplements that will definitely hurt your wallet, if not your health—they just want you to buy their magazines, products & supplements—which you don’t need in the first place!!!


Personal Training

Personal Training

I am too old to get in shape- really???


The above is something I hear about every other day, either in person, or in the virtual world. In the days of Men’s Fitness and Abercrombie and Fitch ads, it occurs that once you pass 25 years of age you should resort to Bingo and pureed foods. Therefore, I decided …



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Build your abs without crunches!


Hello again,Today we are talking about the most important thing on earth, ever. Abs! Basically, the world is divided within two groups: the have-abs and the have- noabz. Tensions between those groups are so high that a civil war might erupt any time, which is why I dedicated my time …




Academic steroids- a better mind for bigger muscles!


    Welcome back! Now that we covered the basics of nutrition in blog posts past, we can turn toward “the smaller details”: a functioning brain and central nervous system. Yes, despite popular belief bodybuilders need to be mentally strong as well. Remember Arnold in Twins? He spoke about seven …



quote_symbol    Maik and his team are amazing! I’ve never met anyone with such deep understanding of muscle physiology. I came in with a passive shoulder injury that I’ve been dealing with for years. In just three months not only could I feel my back and shoulders getting stronger, but I could feel the individual muscles in isolation. Their classes, instructions and knowledge gave me super confidence in continuing my fitness journey – even on my own! Give Maik’s team a try and you’d be glad you did.” Adam S. I Manhattan, NY

quote_symbol    Not only do Maik and his team provide a fantastic workout, but they equip you with the knowledge and diet to maximize those workouts. I have seen amazing results with no gimmicks, just hard work and discipline. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get in shape.” Paul S. | Upper West Side, Manhattan

quote_symbol    Just got the best compliment at the gym this morning, one of my friends came up to me and said you are looking amazing what are you doing different, you look full and cut. I told her I’ve been working with Maik Wiedenbach, a trainer down in Manhattan. She said well whatever he’s telling you, keep doing cause it’s working!.” Sam. I NYC