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Here is our philosophy!

Results come first. Nothing else matters. Results matter
As a company principle, we follow the Hedgehog Rule. We do one thing, and one thing only. Make people look and feel great. Nothing else.
We do this by progressively overloaded resistance training programs, following the SAID principle, and an intelligent approach to nutrition.
This is done by empathy, caring, professionalism and the passing on of knowledge.
We are the Sherpas, getting you, the client up on the peak of your choice.

Personal training, whether in NYC or anywhere else, is a mutual contract. We deliver our utmost best by creating the best workouts and diets for the client and leading by example. The client then needs to implement the program using our support system to ensure maximum results.
What I bring to the table:
1. Looking for an accomplished athlete, personal trainer NYC? Check! Hall of Fame at Fordham university, Musclemania champion, World Cup Athlete.
2. A published author? Check ! Three books and counting, 100s of articles published anywhere from Forbes magazine, LA Times, Muscle and Fitness etc.
3. An accredited academic? Check! Teaches at NYU
Still not sold? Wondering why should you train with us?
Simple. We care, your success is our success. We take you, the human element, into consideration and guide you through the program.We are invested into your success, because we are not a huge nameless gym chain or supplement company, but dedicated individuals who are fitness addicts and want to see you fulfill your potential.
We are also the only personal training company in NYC where you will find with a unique mix of real world credibility and academic background. Where else would you find instructors that have created pro athletes, competed at World Cups, are Hall of Fame members, have written numerous books and magazine articles and teach undergrad classes at NYU?
So isn’t it time you treat yourself to the best physique you can have?



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Personal Training

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What others are saying!

quote_symbol    Maik and his team are amazing! I’ve never met anyone with such deep understanding of muscle physiology. I came in with a passive shoulder injury that I’ve been dealing with for years. In just three months not only could I feel my back and shoulders getting stronger, but I could feel the individual muscles in isolation. Their classes, instructions, personal training and knowledge gave me super confidence in continuing my fitness journey – even on my own! Give Maik’s team a try and you’d be glad you did.” Adam S. I Manhattan, NY

quote_symbol    Not only do Maik and his team provide a fantastic workout, but they equip you with the knowledge and diet to maximize those workouts. I have seen amazing results with no gimmicks, just hard work and discipline. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get in shape.” Paul S. | Upper West Side, Manhattan

quote_symbol    Just got the best compliment at the gym this morning, one of my friends came up to me and said you are looking amazing what are you doing different, you look full and cut. I told her I’ve been working with Maik Wiedenbach, a personal trainer NYC down in Manhattan. She said well whatever he’s telling you, keep doing cause it’s working!.” Sam. I NYC